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While season 4 of The Crown is mostly the unofficial "Charles and Diana Show," there's some spotlight given to supporting players in the Buckingham Palace ecosystem.

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In episode 8, entitled "48;1," the Scotland-born press secretary to the Queen is introduced, before being swiftly done away with. Following nine years working for the Queen, Shea took the fall for a PR disaster that struck Buckingham Palace in After resigning from his palace postShea went on to write over 20 books, including political thrillers that drew from his work experiences.

Though "" marks his Crown debut, Shea was actually in the background of many events depicted in the Netflix series. Serving as the Queen's press secretary between the years of toShea helped the palace through scandals like the security crisis when unemployed decorator Michael Fagan scaled Buckingham Palace's walls and gained access to the Queen's bedroom, or when official art curator Anthony Blunt was revealed to be a Soviet spy. The report contained evidence of an ideological rift between the two leaders—one elected, and one appointed.

Queen ‘apologised to Thatcher’ over leaked criticism

Essentially, the queen seemed to break her neutrality doctrine and comment on politics. Shea was identified as the "palace mole" who leaked the queen's private opinions to journalists, though he denied doing so his whole life.

After leaving Buckingham Palace for his hometown of Edinburgh, Shea embarked on a second life as a novelist. Shea—who is not to be confused with the fantasy writer of the same name—wrote over 20 books, many of which were informed by his time as a royal problem-solver and a diplomat in Ghana, West Germany, Romania and New York.

Take the book Spin Doctorwhich followed a man in the same kind of high-stress, high-power role he had at Buckingham Palace. Or Spinoffin which the Prime Minister falls gravely ill with a mysterious disease, and his spin doctor, Lloyd Thane, tries to keep his secret for as long as possible.

Sense a theme? Even when Shea's books weren't about fixers, they were set in the realm of politics, like 's Endgamewhich imagined an independent Scotland. Even his memoir, A View from the Sidelineswas inherently political. Shea passed away in at the age of According to The TelegraphQueen Elizabeth was reportedly saddened to hear of his death.

Together, they visited 65 countries, per his Guardian obit.

At Her Majesty's Service: The Queen's favourite (and least favourite) Prime Ministers

Shea left behind a wife and two daughters, not depicted in The Crown. For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter! USA tops 25 million cases of Covid US reaffirms Taiwan support after China sends warplanes.So when in Shea slips those scandalous comments to the Sunday Timesall hell breaks loose. Thatcher was understandably surprised by the article, but the one who ended up facing the most turmoil for the scandal was Shea himself.

Although The Crown makes it look as though Shea was the obvious culprit for the palace leak, the actual events were less cut-and-dry. This never actually happened.

Queen Elizabeth's Press Secretary Michael Shea Led the Royal Family Through Multiple Crises

In reality, Shea remained in his position until the following year, after which he left the palace to become director of public affairs for the Hanson Group. He did not immediately retire to write books, as The Crown shows. It's likely Shea had his eye on the door for several months before the Sunday Times scandal. He was slowly growing sick of the intense focus on the family, apparently saying"There were aspects to [the job] I could have done without, such as the endless tabloid queries that exhausted one's patience: 'Does the Queen use a heated loo seat?

After retiring from the Hanson Group, Shea did indeed become a novelist, writing more than 20 books, including a memoir about his time at Buckingham Palace called A View From The Sidelines. His other stories were mainly political thrillers, most of them reminiscent of his own life in the palace. Bazaar Bride. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Tim Graham Getty Images. Related Stories. Lauren Puckett Lauren Puckett is a writer and assistant for Hearst Magazines, where she covers culture and lifestyle. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. What Is a Silk Press?Shea found himself at the centre of a 'mole hunt' in As seen in episode eight of The Crown, Thatcher and the Queen squared off around the imposition of sanctions on South Africa for Apartheid.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. It is true Thatcher was reluctant to agree to impose the restrictions on the South African government, with the other 49 nations originally agreeing to economic sanctions against South Africa, apart from Britain at the hands of Thatcher.

In The Crown, the British press is portrayed as chasing rumours of tensions between the Queen and Thatcher, with the Queen instructing the Palace to report to press there was some truth to claims. The Sunday Times then published a story under the headline, Queen Dismayed by Uncaring Thatcher, quoting an unnamed senior from the Palace. Whether the Queen actually criticised Thatcher remains unknown as the Queen is technically meant to remain politically neutral.

Nevertheless, the story did run across the British press. The briefing stated Thatcher's social policies and negative attitude to the Commonwealth of Nations caused the Queen 'dismay'. Per the New York Times, the article read: "The Queen has been described in recent press reports as worried that Mrs Thatcher's firm opposition to sanctions threatened to break up the nation Commonwealth.

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In The Crown, it is suggested Shea resigned from the role as a result but in reality, it is unknown if this was the case. InShea left the royal service and has continued to deny his exit had any relation to The Sunday Times fiasco.

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Did Princess Margaret die of the same illness her father had? During his time as Press Secretary, Shea pursued a career as a writer under the pseudonym Michael Sinclair.

In the s, Shea worked as the director of Public Relations at building materials company, Hanson Plc. This Morning: Phillip says he has 'issues' with The Crown. What happened to Michael Shea? The exact article ran in the Sunday Times on July 20, However, Heseltine insisted Shea's comments had been misreported.

Where is Michael Shea now?Each season of The Crown has depicted a few press scandals for the British royal family, from allegations of Prince Philip's infidelity, to Princess Margaret's younger manto the Profumo affair. The just-released season four is no different, but one PR nightmare stands out because of its close proximity to the Queen.

InThe Sunday Times ran a story alleging that the Queen had made damaging comments about Margaret Thatcher's government and policiesa serious breech of royal protocol and a major embarrassment for the crown. The Queen's press secretary, Michael Shea—who had served as press spokesman for the Queen from to and seen the Windsor family through some of the greatest crises in that decade— was believed to be the Times's source. Though he denied being the source of the leak, the events ultimately led to Shea leaving the palace.

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Here's everything you need to know about Michael Shea. While in West Germany, he wrote several political thrillers under the pseudonym Michael Sinclair. In his lifetime he ultimately published 14 novels, as well as five non-fiction books. Shea helped arrange the Queen's bicentennial visit to New York inand so impressed royal courtiers that he soon joined the royal service in Shea became the Queen's press secretary in He very quickly had to deal with major scandals, including the exposure of Sir Anthony Blunt —the royal family's longtime art curator— as a former Soviet spy.

He also had to manage the fallout from Michael Fagan's early morning break-in to Queen Elizabeth's bedroom in July Shea accompanied Queen Elizabeth on tours to 65 countries and they reportedly got along quite well. Shea had a reputation for being charming and chatty with journalistsestablishing a more friendly rapport than previous secretaries.

Shea was also in charge of Buckingham Palace's dealings with the media during the courtship and wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In Januaryshortly before the couple's engagement was announced in February, the frenzy surrounding the couple became extraordinary.

Though he was typically friendly, Shea became forceful with reporters when they followed the Queen on her annual holiday trip to Sandringhamin the hopes of finding out if Diana had come along as a guest of Charles.

sunday times queen thatcher press secretary

In a statementShea said, ''The Queen has become increasingly angry about this, to put it bluntly—this trip has been far worse than any other. Now it seems that some Fleet Street editors think the Queen is fair game, even when she has no official engagements.

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No member of the royal family can move out of Sandringham without a posse of pressmen surrounding them. They are hanging about the stables, photographing anything that moves. The Queen has become increasingly angry about this, to put it bluntly. The media circus only intensified leading up to Charles and Diana's July wedding that same year. In November ofShea invited editors to Buckingham Palace for an audience with the Queen, who requested that the press quiet down on their incessant coverage of the family, and especially the young princess, who had just announced her pregnancy.

The Queen's request clearly did not work. On a "babymoon" in the Bahamas with Charles in Februarypaparazzi took photos of Diana, then five months pregnant, in a bikini. The tabloid coverage shocked the Queen, and the palace's statement called the incident "in the worst possible taste. Shea was essentially forced out of royal service after a major press scandal in July The Sunday Times published a piece alleging that the social policies pursued by the Thatcher government were causing the Queen "dismay;" that the Queen disapproved of Thatcher's handling of the coal miners' strike; and that Thatcher's negative attitude to the Commonwealth of Nations caused the Queen "displeasure.

Shea was assumed to be the source of the comments, which were extremely damaging to the Queen and to the monarchy, which traditionally avoids any public interference in politics. But Heseltine did confirm it was Shea who had spoken to a Times reporter and Shea himself admitted the conversation had occurred, although he denied the specifics and said his statements were misrepresented.

Shea left royal service the following year. After he resigned as the Queen's press secretary, Shea worked for six years at Hanson PLC as director of public relations and continued to write novels. Inhe published a memoir, A View from the Sidelines, about his time in the palace.Earlier he had been a career diplomat and was also an author of political thrillers and non-fiction.

Until the age of 14 Shea attended Lenzie Academywhere his mother was a teacher. He then attended Gordonstoun as a result of gaining a scholarship.

He graduated from the University of Edinburghhaving read Economics ; he also completed his doctorate at University of Edinburgh [1] on economic development in West Africa. After helping to arrange the Queen's official visit to the United States Bicentennial celebrations inShea became her press secretary two years later.

He was at the centre of a "mole hunt" in for the person who gave a briefing to a journalist on The Sunday Times in which it was said the social policies being followed by the Thatcher government were causing the Queen "dismay", [3] and Margaret Thatcher 's negative attitude to the Commonwealth of Nations caused displeasure.

The Queen's Private Secretary, Sir William Heseltineresponded to the controversy in a letter to The Times confirming Shea as the contact, but asserting that Shea's comments had been misreported. Shea left royal service the following year; some sources indicated that he was "dropped" from the role.

A thriller, Sonntagwas published under the pseudonym Michael Sinclair inthe first of 20 books, most of them political thrillers, some set in the near future.

sunday times queen thatcher press secretary

State of the Nation and Endgame take place in an independent Scotland. His memoirs were published as A View from the Sidelines After he resigned as the Queen's press secretary, Shea worked for six years at Hanson plc as director of public relations. Shea was also among the group that revived the Edinburgh Oyster Club. The couple had two daughters. His last years were affected by the onset of dementia.

Michael Shea (diplomat)

He died at age 71 in Shea was portrayed by Nicholas Farrell in episode 8 of series 4 of The Crownin a storyline focusing on apartheid and the alleged rift between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British diplomat and author. Mona Grec Stensen. The History Press. The Guardian. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 21 November The Independent.But it also features a less famous yet no less key historical figure: Michael Shea, played by Nicholas Farrell.

But it may be the way that Shea's employment came to an end for which he is most remembered. Margaret Thatcher was strongly conservative and pursued hard-right policies like privatizing national industries, busting unions, and cutting taxes and regulations on a grand scale. She was also known for consolidating power and for espousing nationalist ideology, with some accusing her of being an authoritarian. Her system of governance became known as Thatcherism, and it was unpopular with many Britons.

One such unhappy citizen was reportedly! That's where Shea comes in. She didn't care for Thatcher's foreign policy, believed she was uncaring toward Britain's less fortunate citizens, and thought Thatcher was ultimately damaging both British culture and the survival of the Commonwealth.

Under the UK Constitution, the Queen is required to stay apolitical, so these revelations were a big deal. The story was initially denied by the royal family, but Shea was eventually credited as the source. Not long after this revelation, he was on the hunt for a new job, though he denied that it had to do with the earlier scandal.

Shea continued to work in public relations and also published several novels throughout his life before dying in at the age of By Johnny Brayson.TICKET TO FLY back from 34 week spell and has trialled at Newcastle, place best. Fancy Nickers (7) 5.

sunday times queen thatcher press secretary

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sunday times queen thatcher press secretary

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